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Number theory
1.1 Prime or composite Quiz
1.2 Prime factorisation Quiz
1.3 Multiplicative inverses Quiz
1.4 Divisibility rules Quiz
1.5 Highest common factor Quiz
1.6 Lowest common multiple Quiz
1.7 HCF and LCM: word problems Quiz
1.8 Standard form Quiz
1.9 Compare numbers written in standard form Quiz

2.1 Understanding integers Quiz
2.2 Absolute value and opposite integers Quiz
2.3 Integer inequalities with absolute values Quiz
2.4 Compare and order integers Quiz

Operations with integers
3.1 Integer addition and subtraction rules Quiz
3.2 Add and subtract integers Quiz
3.3 Complete addition and subtraction sentences with integers Quiz
3.4 Add and subtract integers: word problems Quiz
3.5 Integer multiplication and division rules Quiz
3.6 Multiply and divide integers Quiz
3.7 Evaluate numerical expressions involving integers Quiz
3.8 Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems Quiz

4.1 Decimal numbers review Quiz
4.2 Compare and order decimals Quiz
4.3 Round decimals Quiz
4.4 Decimal number lines Quiz

Operations with decimals
5.1 Add and subtract decimals: word problems Quiz
5.2 Multiply decimals and whole numbers: word problems Quiz
5.3 Estimate sums, differences and products of decimals Quiz
5.4 Add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals: word problems Quiz
5.5 Multi-step inequalities with decimals Quiz
5.6 Evaluate numerical expressions involving decimals Quiz

Fractions and mixed numbers
6.1 Lowest common denominator Quiz
6.2 Equivalent fractions Quiz
6.3 Write fractions in lowest terms Quiz

Operations with fractions
7.1 Add and subtract fractions: word problems Quiz
7.2 Multiply fractions Quiz
7.3 Multiply fractions: word problems Quiz
7.4 Reciprocals Quiz
7.5 Multiply decimals Quiz

Rational numbers
8.1 Rational numbers Quiz
8.2 Convert between decimals and fractions or mixed numbers Quiz
8.3 Absolute value of rational numbers Quiz
8.4 Multiply and divide rational numbers Quiz
8.5 Apply multiplication and division rules Quiz

Exponents and square roots
9.1 Understanding exponents Quiz
9.2 Evaluate exponents Quiz
9.3 Exponents with negative bases Quiz
9.4 Exponents with decimal and fractional bases Quiz
9.5 Evaluate numerical expressions involving exponents Quiz
9.6 Solve equations with variable exponents Quiz
9.7 Square roots of perfect squares Quiz

Ratios, rates and proportions
10.1 Identify equivalent ratios Quiz
10.2 Write an equivalent ratio Quiz
10.3 Unit rates Quiz
10.4 Scale drawings: word problems Quiz
10.5 Do the ratios form a proportion: word problems Quiz
10.6 Understanding ratios Quiz
10.7 Equivalent ratios: word problems Quiz
10.8 Solve proportions Quiz
10.9 Solve proportions: word problems Quiz
10.10 Estimate population size using proportions Quiz

11.1 What percentage is illustrated? Quiz
11.2 Convert between percents, fractions and decimals Quiz
11.3 Compare percents to fractions and decimals Quiz
11.4 Percents of numbers and money amounts Quiz
11.5 Percents of numbers: word problems Quiz
11.6 Solve percent equations Quiz

Consumer maths
12.1 Add, subtract, multiply and divide money amounts: word problems Quiz
12.2 Price lists Quiz
12.3 Unit prices Quiz
12.4 Unit prices: find the total price Quiz
12.5 Percent of a number: VAT, discount and more Quiz
12.6 Find the percent: discount and mark-up Quiz
12.7 Multi-step problems with percents Quiz
12.8 Simple interest Quiz
12.9 Compound interest Quiz

Problem solving and estimation
13.1 Estimate to solve word problems Quiz
13.2 Multi-step word problems Quiz
13.3 Guess-and-check word problems Quiz
13.4 Elapsed time word problems Quiz

Units of measurement
14.1 Estimate metric measurements Quiz
14.2 Compare and convert metric units Quiz
14.3 Metric mixed units Quiz
14.4 Convert between square metres and hectares Quiz
14.5 Convert between cubic metres and litres Quiz
14.6 Precision Quiz
14.7 Estimate imperial measurements Quiz
14.8 Imperial mixed units Quiz
14.9 Convert between metric and imperial units Quiz

Number sequences
15.1 Arithmetic sequences Quiz
15.2 Geometric sequences Quiz
15.3 Write variable expressions for arithmetic sequences Quiz
15.4 Number sequences: mixed review Quiz
15.5 Number sequences: word problems Quiz
15.6 Evaluate variable expressions for number sequences Quiz

Expressions and properties
16.1 Write variable expressions Quiz
16.2 Write variable expressions: word problems Quiz
16.3 Evaluate linear expressions Quiz
16.4 Evaluate multi-variable expressions Quiz
16.5 Evaluate absolute value expressions Quiz
16.6 Evaluate nonlinear expressions Quiz
16.7 Identify terms and coefficients Quiz
16.8 Properties of addition and multiplication Quiz
16.9 Multiply using the distributive property Quiz
16.10 Solve equations using properties Quiz
16.11 Add and subtract like terms Quiz
16.12 Add, subtract and multiply linear expressions Quiz

One-variable equations
17.1 Which x satisfies an equation? Quiz
17.2 Write an equation from words Quiz
17.3 Solve one-step equations Quiz
17.4 Solve equations: word problems Quiz
17.5 Write and solve equations that represent diagrams Quiz

One-variable inequalities
18.1 Solve one-step inequalities Quiz
18.2 Solve two-step inequalities Quiz
18.3 Solutions to inequalities Quiz
18.4 Write inequalities from number lines Quiz

Two-variable equations
19.1 Does (x, y) satisfy the equation? Quiz
19.2 Identify independent and dependent variables Quiz
19.3 Solve word problems involving two-variable equations Quiz
19.4 Complete a table for a two-variable relationship Quiz
19.5 Write a two-variable equation Quiz

20.1 Calculate mean, median, mode and range Quiz
20.2 Mean, median, mode and range: find the missing number Quiz
20.3 Changes in mean, median, mode and range Quiz
20.4 Identify representative, random and biased samples Quiz
20.5 Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode and range Quiz

Geometric measurement
21.1 Perimeter Quiz
21.2 Area of rectangles and parallelograms Quiz
21.3 Area and perimeter: word problems Quiz
21.4 Semicircles: calculate area, perimeter, radius and diameter Quiz

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Sentence structure
1.1 Is the sentence declarative, interrogative, imperative or exclamatory? Quiz
1.2 Is it a direct object or an indirect object? Quiz
1.3 Is it a complete sentence or a fragment? Quiz
1.4 Is it a complete sentence or a run-on? Quiz
1.5 Is it a complete sentence or a fragment? Quiz
1.6 Is the sentence simple, compound, complex or compound-complex? Quiz
1.7 Is it a phrase or a clause? Quiz
1.8 Identify the simple subject or simple predicate of a sentence Quiz
1.9 Is it a complete sentence, a fragment or a run-on? Quiz

2.1 Identify plurals, singular possessives and plural possessives Quiz
2.2 Identify and correct errors with plural and possessive nouns Quiz

3.1 Choose between subject and object pronouns Quiz
3.2 Compound subjects and objects with pronouns Quiz
3.3 Choose between personal and reflexive pronouns Quiz
3.4 Is the pronoun reflexive or intensive? Quiz
3.5 Compound subjects and objects with ‘I’ and ‘me’ Quiz
3.6 Identify vague pronoun references Quiz
3.7 Use the pronoun that agrees with the antecedent Quiz
3.8 Use reflexive pronouns Quiz

4.1 Use the correct verb – with compound subjects Quiz
4.2 Identify linking verbs, predicate adjectives and predicate nouns Quiz
4.3 Correct errors with subject-verb agreement Quiz
4.4 Correct errors with indefinite pronoun-verb agreement Quiz

Adjectives and adverbs
5.1 Choose between adjectives and adverbs Quiz
5.2 Is the word an adjective or adverb? Quiz
5.3 Identify adjectives Quiz
5.4 Order adjectives Quiz
5.5 Identify adverbs Quiz

Punctuation, capitalisation and formatting
6.1 Formatting titles Quiz
6.2 Formatting and capitalising titles: review Quiz
6.3 Capitalising titles Quiz
6.4 Decide whether ellipses are used appropriately Quiz
6.5 Use semicolons and commas to separate clauses Quiz
6.6 Use semicolons, colons and commas with lists Quiz

Prefixes and suffixes
7.1 Words with pre- Quiz
7.2 Words with re- Quiz
7.3 Words with sub- Quiz
7.4 Words with mis- Quiz
7.5 Words with -ful Quiz
7.6 Words with -less Quiz
7.6 Words with -less Quiz
7.7 Words with -able and -ible Quiz
7.8 Words with un-, dis-, in-, im- and non- Quiz

Greek and Latin roots
8.1 Use Greek and Latin roots as clues to the meanings of words Quiz
8.2 Use words as clues to the meanings of Greek and Latin roots Quiz
8.3 Determine the meanings of Greek and Latin roots Quiz
8.4 Determine the meanings of words with Greek and Latin roots Quiz

Reference skills
9.1 Alphabetical order Quiz
9.2 Use guide words Quiz
9.3 Use thesaurus entries Quiz

Word relationships and usage
10.1 Choose the synonym Quiz
10.2 Choose the antonym Quiz
10.3 Describe the difference between related words Quiz
10.4 Positive and negative connotation Quiz
10.5 Use the correct homophone Quiz
10.6 Use the correct frequently confused word Quiz
10.7 Analogies Quiz
10.8 Analogies: challenge Quiz
10.9 Correct errors with frequently confused words Quiz

Context clues
11.1 Determine the meaning of words using synonyms in context Quiz
11.2 Determine the meaning of words using antonyms in context Quiz
11.3 Use context to identify the meaning of a word Quiz

Writing clear and concise sentences
12.1 Transitions with conjunctive adverbs Quiz
12.2 Use parallel structure Quiz
12.3 Are the modifiers used correctly? Quiz
12.4 Use the correct pair of correlative conjunctions Quiz

Author’s purpose and tone
13.1 Which sentence is more formal? Quiz

Literary devices
14.1 Use personification Quiz
14.2 Identify the source of allusions Quiz
14.3 Interpret figures of speech Quiz
14.4 Classify figures of speech Quiz
14.5 Interpret the meaning of allusions Quiz