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1.1-Classifying Numbers Quiz
1.2-Prime and Composite Numbers Quiz
1.3-Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers Quiz
1.4-Number lines Quiz
1.5- Convert between decimals and fractions Quiz
1.6-Square roots Quiz
1.7-Cube Roots Quiz

2.1 Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide integers Quiz
2.2-Evaluate numerical expressions involving integers Quiz
2.3 Evaluate variable expressions involving integers Quiz
2.4 Evaluate numerical expressions involving rational numbers Quiz
2.5 Evaluate variable expressions involving rational numbers Quiz

Ratios, rates and proportions
3.1 Write an equivalent ratio Quiz
3.2 Unit rates Quiz
3.3 Unit prices Quiz
3.4 Solve proportions Quiz
3.5 Solve proportions: word problems Quiz
3.6 Scale drawings: word problems Quiz

4.1 Convert between percents, fractions and decimals Quiz
4.2 Percent of a number: VAT, discount and more Quiz
4.3 Solve percent equations Quiz
4.4 Percent word problems Quiz
4.5 Find the percent: discount and mark-up Quiz
4.6 Multi-step problems with percents Quiz

5.1 Estimate metric measurements Quiz
5.2 Convert rates and measurements Quiz
5.3 Metric mixed units Quiz
5.4 Imperial mixed units Quiz
5.5 Convert between metric and imperial units Quiz
5.6 Precision Quiz
5.7 Greatest possible error Quiz

6.1 Perimeter Quiz
6.2 Symmetry Quiz
6.3 Identify and classify polygons Quiz
6.4 Identify and classify polygons Quiz
6.5 Count lines of symmetry Quiz
6.6 Converse of Pythagoras’ theorem: is it a right triangle? Quiz
6.7 Pythagoras’ theorem Quiz

7.1 Properties of addition and multiplication Quiz
7.2 Distributive property Quiz
7.3 Simplify variable expressions using properties Quiz
7.4 Properties of equality Quiz

8.1 Identify hypotheses and conclusions Quiz
8.2 Counter examples Quiz

Variable expressions and equations
9.1 Write variable expressions Quiz
9.2 Simplify variable expressions involving like terms and the distributive property Quiz
9.3 Identify equivalent linear expressions Quiz
9.4 Write variable equations Quiz
9.5 Does x satisfy the equation? Quiz
9.6 Rearrange multi-variable equations Quiz
9.7 Solve equations using order of operations Quiz

Solve equations
10.1 Solve one-step linear equations Quiz
10.2 Solve advanced linear equations Quiz
10.3 Solve equations with variables on both sides Quiz
10.4 Find the number of solutions Quiz
10.5 Create equations with no solutions or infinitely many solutions Quiz
10.6 Solve linear equations: word problems Quiz

11.1 Exponents with integer bases Quiz
11.2 Multiplication with exponents Quiz
11.3 Power rule Quiz
11.4 Evaluate expressions using properties of exponents Quiz
11.5 Negative exponents Quiz
11.6 Multiplication and division with exponents Quiz
11.7 Division with exponents Quiz

12.1 Identify monomials Quiz
12.2 Multiply monomials Quiz
12.3 Divide monomials Quiz
12.4 Multiply and divide monomials Quiz
12.5 Powers of monomials Quiz

Number sequences
13.1 Arithmetic sequences Quiz
13.2 Geometric sequences Quiz
13.3 Evaluate variable expressions for number sequences Quiz
13.4 Write variable expressions for arithmetic sequences Quiz
13.5 Number sequences: mixed review Quiz

14.1 Polynomial vocabulary Quiz
14.2 Add and subtract polynomials Quiz
14.3 Multiply two binomials Quiz
14.4 Multiply polynomials Quiz
14.5 Multiply two binomials: special cases Quiz
14.6 Multiply a polynomial by a monomial Quiz
14.7 Add polynomials to find perimeter Quiz

Problem solving
15.1 Word problems: mixed review Quiz
15.2 Word problems with money Quiz
15.3 Consecutive integer problems Quiz
15.4 Rate of travel: word problems Quiz
15.5 Weighted averages: word problems Quiz

16.1 Calculate mean, median, mode and range Quiz
16.2 Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode and range Quiz
16.3 Mean, median, mode and range: find the missing number Quiz
16.4 Quartiles Quiz
16.5 Identify biased samples Quiz

Single-variable inequalities
17.1 Write inequalities from graphs Quiz
17.2 Solve one-step linear inequalities: addition and subtraction Quiz
17.3 Solve one-step linear inequalities: multiplication and division Quiz
17.4 Solve advanced linear inequalities Quiz
17.5 Solve compound inequalities Quiz

studyif offers more than 100 year 10 English skills to explore and learn! Not sure where to start? Hover your mouse over any skill name to preview it, then click to practise!

Is the sentence declarative, interrogative, imperative or exclamatory?
1.1 Is the sentence declarative, interrogative, imperative or exclamatory? Sorry, incorrect… Quiz
1.2 Identify sentence fragments Quiz
1.3 Identify run-on sentences Quiz
1.4 Is it a phrase or a clause? Quiz
1.5 Is the sentence simple, compound, complex or compound-complex? Quiz
1.6 Is the sentence simple, compound, complex or compound-complex? Quiz
1.7 Choose punctuation to avoid fragments and run-ons Quiz

2.1 Identify and correct errors with subject and object pronouns Quiz
2.2 Subject and object pronouns review Quiz
2.3 Identify and correct pronoun errors with ‘who’ Quiz
2.4 Identify and correct pronoun errors with ‘who’ Quiz
2.5 Use relative pronouns: who and whom Quiz
2.6 Identify vague pronoun references Quiz
2.7 Use relative pronouns: who, whom, whose, which and that Quiz

Verbs and verbals
3.1 Form the progressive verb tenses Quiz
3.2 Identify active and passive voice Quiz
3.3 Rewrite the sentence in active voice Quiz
3.4 Identify linking verbs, predicate adjectives and predicate nouns Quiz
3.5 Identify and correct errors with subject-verb agreement Quiz
3.6 Identify and correct errors with indefinite pronoun-verb agreement Quiz
3.7 Identify and correct verb agreement with compound subjects Quiz
3.8 Identify and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense Quiz
3.9 Form the perfect verb tenses Quiz

Adjectives and adverbs
4.1 Form and use comparative and superlative adjectives Quiz
4.2 Good, better, best, bad, worse and worst Quiz
4.3 Form and use comparative and superlative adverbs Quiz
4.4 Well, better, best, badly, worse and worst Quiz

Punctuation, capitalisation and formatting
5.1 Formatting and capitalising titles: review Quiz
5.2 Formatting titles Quiz
5.3 Decide whether ellipses are used appropriately Quiz
5.4 Use semicolons and commas to separate clauses Quiz
5.5 Use semicolons, colons and commas with lists Quiz
5.6 Semicolons, colons and commas review Quiz

Prefixes and suffixes
6.1 Word pattern analogies Quiz
6.2 Word pattern sentences Quiz
6.3 Words with pre- Quiz
6.4 Words with re- Quiz
6.5 a girl who lacks confidence Quiz
6.6 ords with mis- Quiz
6.7 Words with un-, dis-, in-, im- and non- Quiz
6.8 Words with -ful Quiz
6..9 Words with -less Quiz

Etymologies and foreign expressions
7.1 Use Greek and Latin roots as clues to the meanings of words Quiz
7.2 Use words as clues to the meanings of Greek and Latin roots Quiz
7.3 Determine the meanings of Greek and Latin roots Quiz
7.4 Determine the meanings of words with Greek and Latin roots Quiz
7.5 Use etymologies to determine the meanings of words Quiz
7.6 Use context as a clue to the meanings of foreign expressions Quiz

Reference skills
8.1 Use thesaurus entries Quiz

Word choice and usage
9.1 Choose the word whose connotation and denotation best match the sentence Quiz
9.2 Use words accurately and precisely Quiz
9..3 Analogies Quiz
9.4 Analogies: challenge Quiz
9.5 Replace words using a thesaurus Quiz

Literary devices
10.1 Identify the narrative point of view Quiz
10.2 Use personification Quiz
10.3 Interpret the meaning of allusions Quiz
10.4 Interpret figures of speech Quiz
10.5 Classify figures of speech: review Quiz
10.6 Identify the source of allusions Quiz
10.7 Classify figures of speech: euphemism, hyperbole, oxymoron, paradox Quiz

Context clues
11.1 Determine the meaning of words using synonyms in context Quiz
11.2 Determine the meaning of words using antonyms in context Quiz
11.3 Use context to identify the meaning of a word Quiz

Writing clear and concise sentences
12.1 Transitions with conjunctive adverbs Quiz
12.2 Avoid double, illogical and unclear comparisons Quiz
12.3 Use the correct pair of correlative conjunctions Quiz
12.4 Use parallel structure Quiz
12.5 Are the modifiers used correctly? Quiz

Common errors
13.1 Use the correct frequently confused word Quiz
13.2 Identify and correct errors with frequently confused words Quiz
13.3 Identify and correct errors with frequently confused pronouns and contractions Quiz
13.4 Correct errors with commonly misspelled words Quiz